May 09 – jun 09 Bemerton Community Centre, Salisbury

  • Invited by Bath University to lead series of arts workshops for women who were at risk of offending, at risk groups, mental health, substance misuse, to gain confidence and work through a series of art and design approaches.  The aim was to provide a gateway encouraging application onto level 1 courses at Wiltshire College and promote learning paths for future courses. 

Oct 07 “Andover’s New Vision”;  

  •  Led a 2  day mind mapping project working with clay to decide Andover’s New Vision” involving I5 Schools and staff, HSA Company Director and Managers and Test Valley Arts officer

Oct 07 Hocus Pocus Potions Workshop Mountbatten School Romsey  

  •  Experimental laboratory workshop designed with mess, fun and laughter

Sep 07 - 10 Revels Salisbury Arts Centre  

  •  After school arts club for 8+ children keen to pursue art, craft and design

Sep 07 – 09 Artist in Residence XTREME Studio at Kings Park Primary School Boscombe  

  • Based on Room 13 Model, Key Stage Two pupils negotiate time with their teacher to work with professional artist in their studio to produce their own ideas and work; Non-prescriptive, hoping to make studio sustainable and involving wider community, family led learning, skill share and building partnerships with the extended schools programme and other schools

Sep 07 Poole Council Family Arts Festival  

  •  Upton Park Early Years Workshop

Sep 07 PAWS – Wire World Project Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Watch Group  

  •  Family weekend at Lackham agriculture college (willow / recycled mats)

Aug 07 Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum Bournemouth  

  • Rendezvous music and arts festival for young people; Delivered a 2 day deckchair project based on exhibition ‘wish you were here’;

Aug 07 Poole Fun Day Turlin Manor  

  •  Family workshop creating willow insects

Jul 07 Larmer Tree Festival  

  •  Lead artist for adult workshops – Winging It!

Mar – May 07  PAWS Artist Shrewton School Large Willow  

  •  Installation in School grounds

Jan 07 Christ the King School Arts Week, Amesbury  

  •  Workshop leader delivering handmade books and printmaking, creating a series of hangings looking at Aboriginal art.

Nov 06 Mountbatton School, Romsey  

  •  Workshop leader delivering handmade books project.

Jan 06 - Oct 06 University College for the Creative Arts  

  •  Mentor for post graduate student who wanted to deliver and facilitate participatory arts projects

Sep 06 Poole Family Arts Day, Upton Country Park;  

  •  Lead artist leading and environmental sculpture project

Jul 06 Larmer Tree  

  •  Festival Lead workshop artist

Jul 06 Salisbury District Council;  

  •  PAWS environmental artist for Coombe Bisset Primary School, made a great sheep and woodland creatures for the school grounds.

Jun 06 Forres Sandle Manor School  

  •  One day handmade books workshop

Jun 06 Salisbury Environmental Day

  •  In partnership with Salisbury District Council led a series of Willow Workshops with four Salisbury Primary Schools.

Jun 06 New Milton Infants School

  •  Two day workshop delivering a wire and banner making project in partnership with Forest Arts.

May 06 – Jul 06 Trafalgar Secondary School Arts Festival, Downton  

  •  Lead artist working with Year 7 through to Year 10, together with 11 feeder primary schools initiating and delivering a series of broad based art and crafts workshops

Apr 06 – Dec 07 Salisbury Arts Centre

  •  Series of freelance workshops for adults and children, including paper making, lanterns, willow sculptures and bookmaking.

Sep 05 – Mar 06 CraftXpress Project, WYAP

  •  This very exciting project was based in Tidworth and Wilton.  Linn was selected to lead this project funded by the Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership.  She worked with young people who were at risk of offending, introducing them to Arts and Craft skills (foundation stage) for them to subsequently produce work to give something back to their community.  Tidworth led a series of afternoon workshops with year 5’s at Clarendon Primary School.  The Wilton group worked on a series on panels for their new Youth Centre to be named UV Strobe.  Linn then took the project to Melksham for a further 6 months culminating in an exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre for Youth Teams and Council Teams.

Sep 05 Bradford on Avon Festival

  • The theme for this years festival was feast; Linn was invited to lead a mask making workshop with families taking the ‘Wind and the Willows’ characters as their inspiration.

Jul 05 Salisbury Arts Centre  

  •  Summer workshop for 9 to 12 year olds exploring wire and recycled materials to create wonderful 3D pieces

Jun 05 Wickham Primary School, Fareham

  •  Linn worked with year 1 and 2 introducing pupils to papermaking and producing a triptych hanging based on the A-Z of nature (Nadfest funded project).

Jun 05 Forres Sandle Manor School, Fordingbridge

  •  Linn returned to FSM to work with year 3 pupils who were studying Native American Indians, making jewellery and hangings from clay and natural ephemera.

Jun - Oct 05 Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

  •  Working the WWT and Woodlands Primary School to produce sculptures for a fenced area in front of a folly.

May 05 The Making Basingstoke  

  •  Popley festival mask making workshop, John Hunt School

Mar 05 Wiltshire Wildlife Trust – Stapleford Lakes  

  •  Richard Watson, Education Officer at Langford Lakes, asked Linn to work with pupils from Great Wishford Primary School to design and build three benches, based on water invertebrates and other wildlife found on the lake.

Feb 05 The Making Basingstoke

  •  Invited by the new crafts centre to run workshops as pilot projects.  The first was a family day, mask making at the John Hunt School, Basingstoke.

Dec 04 Holt Primary School (PAWS Scheme)

  •  Linn ran a two day weaving workshop for year 6 pupils as part of the PAWS scheme.

Jul 04 Salisbury District Council – Schools Environmental Day

  •  Lead workshops with pupils from two Salisbury schools.  The pupils used recycled materials and created wonderful mini beasts.

Jul 04 Larmer Tree, Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset

  •  Linn was invited to lead the children’s workshops for ‘Made in Flight’.  The group made costumes and a giant 30ft Zeppelin from Willow and recycled Southampton Scrap Store materials.  The work culminated in a procession for all the participants, leaders and volunteers around the Larmer Tree Gardens.

May – Nov 04 Hale Primary was awarded a maximum Awards For All grant

  •  Linn worked in partnership with engineer Mark Nobes.  Pupils from Years 2 through to 6 have designed and produced two huge panels depicting a New Forest Scene.  All sections were cut to make a 3D type set design.  This acted as a screen for the portacabin classrooms.  Key Stage 1 Pupils produced two unique oak benches, both used routed images of insects, and leaves produced by the children.  One of the benches will be inscribed with reference to the large oak, which it sits under.  The other was a circular / star bench set around a beautiful mature holly tree.

Apr – Jul 04 Fordingbridge Infants Primary School ‘Push and Pull’ weaving residency  

  •  Linn worked with Year 1 pupils on a ‘weaving’ project- half the year worked on traditional type looms inspired by William Morris with fabrics, wools and added detail with collected stones, shells, feathers, buttons and beads.  The other group worked with builders ‘barrier’ fencing and recycled plastics to weave individual panels inspired by Matisse.  Two very different techniques and choice of materials resulting in work of a striking contrast to be sited in the school hall and school grounds.

Jul 04 Salisbury Arts Centre

  •  Harry Potter Play in a Day workshop with Linn’s Wild Things partner, Katie Smith.  Costumes, props, and performance – great fun!

Jun 04 Wellow Primary School, Hampshire  

  •  Linn was invited to work with year 3 and 4 during the schools environmental week.  Linn introduced pupils to working with willow and pupils collected garden ephemera, fleece, horsehair, etc. to make a series of sculptures for an installation in the glade.  Work was hung from trees, and suspended from branches and set in the ground to produce a gallery for the whole school and families to experience.

Jun 04 Mill Down First Primary School, Blandford

  •  Linn was invited to return to lead a two day workshop during arts week – she worked with all the staff and pupils to produce an enormous installation for the school hall.  Two giant twelve feet sunflowers with a ‘swarm’ of mini-beasts (190 in total) adorn the display area of the school hall.

Jun 04 Forres Sandle Manor, Fordingbridge  

  •  Linn was invited back to make a willow throne with Year 7 pupils, who wove willow and BT cable around metal rods.  They also came to an evening workshop where Linn introduced her work and demonstrated hand-building the ceramic finials for the top of the throne.  The finials were based on seed heads from Linn’s collection.  Linn also worked with Year 3 pupils who had been concentrating on Native American Indians.  Linn proposed making a ‘medicine wheel’ structure from willow in the grounds of the school, and was collaged with natural ephemera, and elements from our landscape.

Jun 04 Artist in Residence, Downton Secondary School

  •  Pulp to Paper – Four day residency working with Year 7 pupils introducing them to paper making techniques.  Linn was the first person to work in the ‘state of the art’ Art and Design classroom.  The theme chosen by the Head of Art was landscape; daily sub-themes of Farmland, river, landscape and textiles were used.  Pupils collected natural ephemera and fabrics to embed and incorporate within their handmade paper pieces.  They were asked to treat the subject in an abstract way.

Jun 04 Fault Lines – a two day workshop for the Salisbury Festival  

  •  As part of the ‘In Praise of Earth’ project, Linn worked with a group of practising artists all of whom work in the community.  Linn demonstrated and discussed all aspects of paper making and casting.  Each artist produced individual pieces using objects they brought to the session.  Casts were also taken from the floor of St Thomas’s Church in Salisbury.  The idea of picking up the ‘fault and fracture’ lines from the ancient slate and limestone floor.  All participants contributed to a piece that has been submitted to the In Praise of Earth project for the exhibition in 2005.

Apr – May 04 Winterslow Primary School. Wiltshire

  •  As part of the ‘In Praise of Earth’ project with the Salisbury Festival (2004/05) Linn worked with the school pupils.  In the first stage of the residency Linn asked the students to collect and bring in fragments from their gardens, walks, and surrounding area.  The pupils then spent one-day creating paper casts of the objects using cotton linters.  Linn then returned for a second day to work with the pupils to introduce pigments and wax to complete the paper sculptures.

Apr 04 Wilton Rotary Club  

  •  Ceramic painting mugs – ‘a dog is not just for Christmas’ tied in with the Winter theme.  All the work produced by all four local community groups in and around Wilton has been photographed and included in a brochure produced by the Wiltshire County Council, promoting and looking at Community Inclusion and policies relating to this.

Apr 04 ‘Summer Bugs’ Project – Wishford Nursery

  •  Linn worked with staff and pupils on the third participatory community project for the Wiltshire County Council.  The children constructed and collaged mini-beasts from pipe cleaners, tissue paper, glitter etc…

Apr 04 Countryside Unit, Barford St Martin, Wilton

  •  The second participatory arts workshop was with the countryside unit leading a papermaking workshop.  Adults produced on the theme of ‘Autumn’.

Mar 04 Wilton First Primary School  

  •  Wiltshire County Council invited Linn to run a series of ‘four seasons’ participatory workshops within Wilton.  The primary school kicked off the project with the theme ‘Spring’.  Pupils from reception to year 4 used recycled plastics from the Southampton Scrap Scheme to produce a pair of banners for the school reception area.

Feb 04 Mill Down First School, Blandford Dorset

  • ‘Material Possessions’ making something out of the ordinary. Linn was invited to work with the school to produce a pair of hangings using recycled materials, provided by the pupils, the Southampton Scrap Scheme and the Puddletown Scrap Scheme. The constructed pieces were made entirely of plastics and have been sited in the school grounds.

Nov 03 - Mar 04 Wiltshire Wildlife Trust  

  •  Linn and Martin Gilchrist worked with Sarum St Pauls, Woodlands and Stratford Sub-Castle primary schools. Three very different bench designs have been selected from the pupils work and have been sited in the Avon Valley Nature Reserve, Salisbury.

Sep 03 Forres Sandle Manor School, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

 Artist invited to demonstrate paper making techniques to early years staff for an INSET training evening.

Jun 03 Pimperne Primary School, School Arts Week  

  •  ‘Take One Picture’ run by the National Gallery London.  Pupils produced work responding to ‘The Stonemasons Yard’, by Canaletto.  Artist invited to work with all years.  Key stage 1, printed stencil banners, using techniques such as monoprinting, stencilling and polyboard blocks.  Key stage 2, banners for outside of school, and mixed media constructed textile woven hangings.  Triptych of woven textile hanging produced for main school hall.  All work exhibited in Blandford in September 2003.

Jun 03 ‘Earthbound’, Forres Sandle Manor School, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

  •  2 day weaving residency.  Artist invited to work with Year 8 pupils to produce site-specific work for school.  Weavings made from natural debris found within the school grounds.  Sited in walled garden.

May 03 ‘Eastern Promise’, Salisbury Festival Children’s Workshops

  •  (5-7 years) two half day workshops; Willow Dragons using recycled materials (8-12 years) full day workshop; Handmade Books exploring bookmaking techniques, constructed from luxurious fabrics donated by Georgina von Estdorf (8-12 years) full day workshop.

Mar - Jul 03 Unearthed, Artist in Residence Morgans Vale Primary School, Wiltshire

  •  Reception and Key Stage 1, Years 1-2, 4 weeks duration, pupils produced willow insects using recycled materials.  Key Stage 2, Years 3-6, 8 weeks duration, Years 3-4 produced a series of banners, Years 5-6 series of 3 screens for outside the school, grids ‘housed’ objects ‘unearthed’ from our daily lives.Artist produced two thrones using tree trunks, willow, reclaimed steel rods and coloured wire.  Featured handmade ceramic finials made by the children.  Sited at the school entrance.  All work exhibited at Salisbury Museum July to September 2003

Sep 02 Rio 10 Earth Festival Salisbury  

  •  Two day workshop to produce ten free standing sculptures using natural materials gathered from the Avon Valley Nature Reserve.  The aim was to provide access to a participatory workshop and raise awareness of Agenda 21 issues.  The work utilised re-cycling felled trees, willow, river grasses and coppiced hazel.  These sculptures were sited in October 2002.  Funded by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Salisbury Council

Aug 02 Create-A-Play – The Hobbit, Salisbury Arts Centre

  •  Linn joined forces with drama expert Kate Smith to provide a two-day workshop creating a play set around the themes of Tolkein’s classic fantasy story.  Maps, backdrops and costumes were constructed and featured in the play that culminated the workshop.

Apr - Jun 02 Artist in Residence, Hale Primary School, New Forest  

  •  ‘Nature’s Delicacies’. Key Stage 2, Years 3-6, 6 weeks duration - Pupils constructed hand made paper and embedded forest floor debris (seeds, leaves, flower heads) elements within and on the surface then constructed willow designs based on natural forms and incorporated their paper and woven elements within the willow structures; Reception and Key Stage 1, Years 1-2, 3 weeks duration –Pupils produced handmade paper and, incorporating forest ephemera, produced an A-Z of the forest; Individual pieces then formed a collage for final presentation.; The residency culminated in an exhibition at Hale Village Hall that then travelled to the New Forest Museum, Lyndhurst until mid-August 2002.

Aug 02 day ‘Japanese Summer Children’s Workshop’  

  •  Working with willow withies to produce kites (5+years); Japanese screen making using willow/silk/collaged natural materials (8+ years), Salisbury Arts Centre, Wiltshire

Feb 01 ‘Printmaking without a press’  

  •  Training workshop for day care volunteers, Countess Mountbatten House, Hampshire

Oct - Dec 00 Initiated and ran ‘Turning Over a New Leaf’  

  •  Series of workshops introducing 2D and 3D paper making processes; Day care services, Countess Mountbatten House, Southampton; Partnerships in Arts for Healthcare; Culminated in exhibition ‘Hidden Depths’ at The Point Dance and Arts Centre, Eastleigh, Hampshire

Sep 00 - 03 ‘Wild Things’ Children’s Workshop Leader, Salisbury Arts Centre

  •  Broad based, non-prescriptive, expressive, thought provoking and innovative participatory art workshops.

Apr 97 - Dec 98 Artist in Residence, Netley Castle, Partnerships for Arts in Healthcare, Southampton University Hospital

  •  Initiated and developed series of workshops for patients receiving cancer treatment.

Mar 98 Lecturer (part-time) Brockenhurst College

  •  New-ways(4 week short course), Easter ‘Egg-travaganza’

Oct 97 - Mar 98 Lecturer (part-time) Brockenhurst College; HOCN 2 year crafts course

  •  Adults with leaning difficulties and HOCN Art and Design Course for adults with learning difficulties.

Oct 97 - Mar 98 Artist in residence at Priestlands Secondary School, Lymington, Hampshire  

  •  “Tid’e’-up - Year 9 students spent the winter months scouring the local beaches and tidying up the non-biological jetsam - weaving them into a series of intriguing woven hangings - a project combining exciting art work and understanding of environmental issues.  A4E Express National Lottery Project.  Residency culminated in a month long exhibition at Forest Arts combining student statements, finished pieces and sketchbooks.

Sep 96 - Mar 98 Lecturer (part-time), Brockenhurst College, Hampshire  

  •  HOCN 2 year pottery course, Adults with learning difficulties

Nov 97 Lecturer (part-time) Brockenhurst College, Hampshire New-ways

  •  (4 week short course), Candles for Christmas

Nov 97 Papermaking workshop   

  •  2D/3D Artist Group, Southampton

Oct 97 Southampton City Art Gallery evening workshop at Southampton Scrap Store  

  •  Paper making for teachers

Mar 1997 - Sep 1997 Leader (part-time), New Forest Gateway Club, Nedderman Centre, New Milton  

  •  Hampshire Sponsored by New Forest MENCAP, responsible for all club activities

Jul 97 Artist in residence at Brisons Vear, Cape Cornwall (2 week residency-awarded studio/living space).  

  •  “Invitation to make work in response to the garden.”;

Jul 97 The Garden Gallery; Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight  

  •  Invitation to make sculptural response in Cassies Garden, IOW, toured to Forest Arts Centre

Jun 97 Freelance Artist "From Pulp to Paper"  

  •  2 day adult workshop, Forest Arts, New Milton, Hampshire 

Mar 97 Printmaking Without a Press, Kent Adult Education, Tonbridge Centre  

  • One day workshop for Creative Studies tutors working in Kent Adult Education

Feb 97 Freelance Artist From Pulp to Paper   

  •  Book-making workshop (8+years) Forest Arts, New Milton, Hants

Jan 97 Freelance Artist ‘Sketchbook Fun’  

  •  Brockenhurst College, New-ways, (4 week short course)

Jan 97 Lecturer (part-time)  

  •  Art Safari (2 days, 8+ years) hand-made sketchbooks and creative discovery trail workshop

Oct 96 Countryside Education Trust, Beaulieu (Half term week), Hampshire  

Aug 96 Mono-printing workshop (8+ years), Forest Arts, New Milton, Hampshire  

September 1994 - June 1995 Printmaker in Residence, Kensington and Chelsea College, London  

  •  Lecturing includes Adult Education, Foundation printmaking courses and Pre-degree Fine Art.  Prepared seminars, tutorials, exhibitions.  Attended staff work-shops, Development courses, Contemporary Art Theory Seminar Course Health & Safety at work Seminar, and First Aid at Work Certificate.  Awarded City and Guilds 7307 Teaching Certificate, May 1995

1988 -1992 Designer / Art Director   

  •  Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, Olympus Sports and other Sears companies

1987-88 Freelance Illustrator   

  •  Awarded Design and Art Direction mentoring at the RCA with AOI illustrators (attended whilst on PGCE).  Tutors Quentin Blake and Russell Mills.