Linn is a freelance artist living and working in Wiltshire.  Her work is based on her love of walking, the ancient Wiltshire landscape, her keen eye and ability to find interest and beauty in the small, otherwise un-noticed details.  On her walks she captures and collects these finds to use in her work. Chance meetings, discussions and finding connections between people, places and objects fascinate her and are often represented in her work.


Collecting both the benign and unusual, rusted agricultural gate hinges, fragments of sail, way markers, a scythe handle...  modern day archeological finds whose forms, shapes and textures find their way into her work.

Ancient earthwork sites and landscapes that have been marked by man's presence have always interested Linn.  The northern reaches of the New Forest, Cranbourne Chase and Wiltshire all offer areas of archeological significance that continue to inspire Linn; these are portrayed both directly and indirectly in her work. 

She records, photographs and writes about sense of place, regularly sharing this via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with her images relayed on her web site.  Linn often works in partnerships, and has collaborated with Stowe House, Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight leading GENERATION ART workshops, Southampton City Art Gallery and Salisbury Arts centre.  

Her work has been widely recognised, and Linn was been awarded the Evolver prize 2016, and the a-n Professional Development and Travel bursaries 2017.

Linn exhibits widely, with her work was included in the The Transformed Land show at the Brewhouse, Taunton (a short video of the show is available here.)   In May 2017 Linn's work was included in the 'Between the Light and the Dark' exhibition at the Seafood restaurant on the River, Arlington, Gloucestershire (each sale of artwork attracts a donation from the artist that actively contributes to help in funding the work of the Severn Area Rescue Association).